Here at Internships Thailand we are all about  providing a professional opportunity in  hospitality and tourism for international interns looking to experience the wonders of Thailand.

With over 20 years experience in Hospitality and Internship placements in Thailand, we draw on our experience to ensure your experience is unique and positive. Our experience and our resulting network of hotels and partners is a unique strength differentiating us from other internship placement organizations which allows us to place interns into any area within the Hospitality and Tourism industry here in Thailand.

We pride ourself on our service and flexibility. Our aim is to make your process of finding an internship in Thailand incredibly clear and smooth. We are with you and available every step of the way to design and secure the internship and experience of your dreams.

We look forward to providing you with an unforgettable life experience in beautiful Thailand – all whilst kick-starting your career with a professional Internship.

Simon Samaan
Co-Founder, Internships Thailand

Simon started his career working for some of the biggest blue chip companies in the world. He then decided to found his own company named ISPC, which stands for International Student Placement Center and aimed to facilitating internships for international students in Australia. He then moved to Thailand to pursue a career in the media business, first working as the General Manager of NewspaperDirect in Phuket, and then creating his own media company “Class Act Media”.

Jorge De la Torre Koch
Co-Founder, Managing Director, Internships Thailand

After a few years in the medical industry, Jorge changed his career to the hospitality and was graduated for the most prestigious Hotel school in the world “Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne” in Switzerland. Some years later, Jorge was appointed as F&B Director and following his career of Hotels openings until arriving to General Manager. In besides, and always passionate by the Education of young students and interns he opens in 2009 his own company, as co-founder of “Internships Thailand”, now part of Worldwide Internships. Since that he opens another consulting hospitality management company: LHM “Luxury Hospitality Management” managing few Hospitality properties in Thailand, then he decides to back to Switzerland to create and manage “Worldwide Internships Switzerland”, in the country has the most prestigious hospitality management schools in the world.

Daniel Reyes
International Recruitment & Business Development, Worldwide Internships & Internships Thailand

He is specialized in International Recruitment. With work experience in Shanghai, Vancouver, US and Mexico, he opened his first company in 2007 at the age of 21 and founded Worldwide Internships in 2009. The company has local operations in US, Spain and Thailand, with partners in over 10 different countries and is one of the top internship agencies in the world.

Ivonne Contreras
Business Development & Placement Coordinator, Worldwide Internships & Internships Thailand

Ivonne got certified in Switzerland by GLION Institute of Higher Education in Hotel Operations and studied her second hospitality degree in Sydney, Australia. She decided to move to Mexico to pursue a bigger growth and challenge in her career, working at Worldwide Internships. Now, she is developing new projects and setting up all aspects to expand Worldwide Internships along with Internships Thailand and establish both headquarters, in America and Asia.